A few photographs of my installation for my degree show!!

A few photos I snapped on my phone throughout set up. Including the my beautiful human tape dispenser… 

Day One

Day one of degree show set up is now over and I am sleepy!! 
So very thankful to everyone who helped me paint my space today, I was left with a situation where the previous space user didn’t clean up after themselves. ):
The tension in my mind this morning… 


After a lot of paint… almost ready to go (:


So on Tuesday degree show set up starts.. I am nervous!!
But today was good, all my floor tiles are now screen printed, varnished and ready to go! 
I also made the garden look pretty interesting when touching up furniture, colourful!!  

I have just received my business cards and some postcards! Feeling professional! 

Today has been the most productive I have been in a long long time.
soon I will be posting some pictures of what I have been making, doing, deciding…

After a lovely picnic in the sun i decided to crack out some screen prints. I’m trying to decide which colours to use for my floor tiles, i’m still undecided. Looks like tomorrow will involve a lot more printing! For now, sleep (:

Had a busy few weeks, installed what i have been working on at uni today for a crit tomorrow morning. Feeling content with how its all worked out! 
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